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As always, at DORKS Books, we strive to help students in every way we can. In this changing industry, and society where everyone is trying to get the best deals possible, DORKS has created a great and competitive RENTAL program to help SAVE students even more money on their textbooks.  No one knows how much your books will be worth at the end of the semester, so now with the RENTAL program, you don't have to worry about it!  You get a HUGE discount at the beginning, that most of the time is even more than you could have gotten at BUYBACK anyway! So in essence it's a GUARANTEED BUYBACK!   We encourage every student to RENT as many books as they can from DORKS Books!

The process is simple and easy. At DORKS we strive to rent EVERY book, so even if it's a novel that you're only going to read once, or your intro Psychology book, DORKS will RENT you the book and save you up to 60% OFF of the list price on most books, and even more on certain titles!

Before long you will be able to RENT your books online through DORKS, but for now we've made it easy, and all you have to do is come into the store and tell them you want to RENT every book possible to SAVE THE MOST MONEY! It's a no brainer!

RENTING your TEXTBOOKS is the way to go!! Just click here to fill out the RENTAL FORM Online and print it out when you come in to buy your books and it's as simple as that!

Click Here to download the form online!


We are PERFECTING the BUYING portion of our website, so that we can serve you more efficiently and effectively now and in the very near future. You will soon be able to BUY & RENT your books straight from our website and the comfort of your own home! And not only that, we offer FREE Shipping on EVERY ORDER!! So please check back soon to order your books from!


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Extremely FAST shipping on every order when you buy your books directly from!

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