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Another semester is ENDING and another is about to START! It's time to SELL those books and start looking for your next semester's books!

Stop by our store location to RENT your books for this semester!! Don't hesitate to call us if you need anything. CHECK with DORKS first, because we strive to give you the best prices when you BUY, SELL, or RENT your books with us!!

Keep in touch with us by following us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER as well as checking back in on the site! We will continue to have all kinds of cool stuff going on and GIVEAWAYS throughout the semester!

We thank you all for your business!

REMEMBER: DORKS is always striving to give you the BEST deals when you BUY, SELL or RENT your books. We specialize in USED books and try to carry all the books for TENNESEE TECH UNIVERSITY here at this location, even if they have to be NEW. We also RENT just about EVERY title, and SAVE you a TON!

We will CLOSE this location on Friday 5/20/16, if you need to BUY or SELL a book or any question please contact the Oakwood Store (770-297-6699).


Supported Schools
  • Tennessee Tech University (TTU)
  • Nashville State Community College

Store Hours
Mon-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm

644 N Walnut Ave.
Cookeville, TN 38501

Telephone:(931) 526-2665(BOOKS)
FAX:(931) 526-2665
EXTENDED Hours during Finals and at the beginning of each Semester!
Call for details.

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