If you have BULK or LARGE quantities of books that you'd like to DONATE please contact us at donate@dorksbooks.com.

Make a Difference

Have you ever wanted to give and make a difference in your community and our world, but didn't really know how? Or have you ever wanted to give financially, but just didn't know where to start? With the DORKS Books DONATION Program you can do just that and it won't cost you a dime! By donating your books, your old books will make an impact, in and around your community and our world.

All donations sent in or dropped off at any DORKS Books store location or DORKS Books bin location will be processed and sorted to benefit your community and God's kingdom to the best of our ability. DORKS tries it's best to make sure every book gets sent to the best possible destination, whether that be donated, recycled, or reused/resold. For more information about our ministries and non-profit partners please click here.

DONATE your BOOKS in any of these convenient ways listed below:

Donation Boxes - located inside any current DORKS Books physical location.

Donation Bins - large metal donation bins currently located in and around Georgia.

Online - simply go to the SELL books part of the site, and if DORKS is able to pay you CA$H for your books, you will also have the option to DONATE any or all of your quoted price to the charity or ministry of your choice.